So Why Did I Start Frogleapseo?

I come from a strong analytical background consulting with some of the biggest financial institutions in the UK by working with data analytics and building data reporting systems for these large companies.

I admittedly got tired of the impersonal nature of my day to day working environment as a data consultant and craved a change towards a more harmonious approach to client consulting. I really wanted to help people make a success of their business website and digital properties - by getting it to do what its meant to do - and that is to make your business grow and your phone ring!

So i used the skills i gained as an analytics consultant to further build my experience and really understand what search engines expect from a website to make it rank well in search.

That was over five years ago and i have never looked back. I have managed to help hundreds of people and businesses - just like yours - rank their website.

I do not use any spammy or suspect methods - everything we do is transparent and according to google best practices.

So why not fill in our discovery form - for a free video analysis of your site.